It wasn’t until I was reading through the Blogtimore aggregator that I remembered what today was the anniversary of.

It’s strange, but for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking of September 11th not as the anniversary of the day of the terrorist attacks in Virginia and New York, but rather, as the day Baltimore might elect someone who could drag the city out of the cesspit its slipping into. Yes, I know the actual election day isn’t for another couple of months, but let’s face it, whoever wins the Democratic Primary today is probably going to have, oh, a pretty good — almost impossible to beat — chance at winning.

I’d be going out to my polling station … if, in fact, I lived in Baltimore City. But I don’t. I live in Baltimore County. I elect a County Executive instead, and not on the same schedule as the city elections.

It seems to me I’ve written posts about September 11th — y’know, that September 11th — every anniversary. It doesn’t seem like six years, does it? This seems to be a recurring theme of my September 11th posts — it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. It still feels like yesterday, perhaps not so much in a chronological sense but in the fact that I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Three years already?
Sixty months ago

And for me, the most vivid thing was, standing in that student union at Towson, watching CNN on one of the many monitors that had been set up — and were, still, being set up — and seeing the second plane crash into the second tower and hearing that woman scream “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” as the fireball exploded through.

It wasn’t so much the “Jesus Christ” thing, more that added middle name she gave him. When the guy at the bleep-button at a major cable channel isn’t bleeping stuff like that out, you know the shit has really hit the fan (y’know, as if the exploding airplanes hadn’t already illustrated that).

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  1. I find I keep writing about it, too. I didn’t even realize that today was today until late last night. I’d already written something else, but I put that aside.

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