Bashing Them Back to Kindergarten


(If you take this test and post it to your blog, make sure to trim the “Find A Ultrasound School” spam at the bottom… from the ‘small’ to the ‘/small’)

6 thoughts on “Bashing Them Back to Kindergarten

  1. I got the same crap as Maven. I’m not registering for any dating site just to find out how many 5 year olds I can beat up. My friends on Facebook voted me “Most Likely to Win in a Fight” so I guess that extends to a crowd of toddlers, as well.

  2. I scored 36, but the HTML was secretly asking if I wanted to be an X-ray technician. I tried to swap that out with ‘Do you want to be a ninja?’ and a link to a school I found in Colorado, but it all fell apart. Meh.

    Still, I feel very manly knowing I could take out 36 children before they tore me to shreds.

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