BSG Season Three On DVD


Universal today announced the release of the third season of Battlestar Galactica on DVD for March 25th. This seems to be consistent with the speculation that the delay of the season’s DVD release would be to promote the show’s fourth — and final season — which begins airing in April.

One episode — Unfinished Business — will also have an “exclusive cut”, extended by twenty-five minutes (sort of like “Pegasus” on the s2 v2 box set), part of the fifteen hours of extras. The MSRP is $60, which means Amazon should have it for $45.


1 thought on “BSG Season Three On DVD

  1. Bastards. How can you possibly have time to catch up on season three when they don’t release it until a week before the new season airs? As if people are suddenly going to completely lose interest in the show unless the DVD for the previous season is released the week before to remind them?

    Once again, Universal proves it’s not really committed to promoting its titles, and it’s not interested in getting my business. I was going to buy the fourth season on iTunes (seeing how I don’t have cable or satellite service at the moment), but they’ve flipped me the bird there. No they apparently don’t want me to start watching the fourth season when the premiere airs, because I’ll still be in the middle of re-watching the third season to catch up.

    Sometimes I think I should just turn to BitTorrent or whatever and be done with it. Too bad my mother raised me to have a conscience. ;)


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