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New Toyotas run in the family: my mom was in an accident a couple of months ago and my parents bought a new Camry to replace the wrecked one (old guy fell asleep at the wheel and rammed my mom’s car into a sidewall. Luckily, she was okay). Then I hit a deer and replaced my Celica with a Matrix.

So, here’s a question: for those of you who’ve transferred an E-ZPass box from one car to another. My parents have theirs in the center console, but I’d like to mount mine back on the windshield. Will any store bought velcro strips be strong enough to hold the thing in place? Or is there a way to get replacement velcro from the E-ZPass administration?

Of all the problems and paperwork involved in replacing a vehicle, this has got to be the most minor.

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  1. In NY, there’s a link on the EZ Pass website to have them send you new velcro-like strips.

    I think they got annoyed by the retards that were waving them around inside their car when they drove up to the toll booth, so they started giving summonses and points on your license if retards can’t get through the lane and the pass isn’t attached to their windshield.

    You hate deer. I hate stupid people. I have a deal for ya’. Criss-cross. You start shootin’ the stupid people and I’ll start shooting deer. this way they can’t pin it on either of us! What? It worked in TWO — cout ’em, two! — movies.

  2. At Mars at the customer service counter, you can get a little plastic box the size of an EZ Pass that has a suction cup on it. Makes my life easier when I have to rent a car for work.

  3. If you stop by any EZ pass location, they’ll give you a set (or two) of the plastic velcro they use. I’m not sure if they’d mail them to you.

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