Recipe For Disaster

Sadly, I was slightly too inebriated to accept an invitation to Padonia Station for a couple of drinks. Why was I inebriated? Well, primarily because my evening’s plans were to wrap Christmas gifts (and that’s a task that can only be made less painful by drinking). I half succeeded, by which I both mean my presents could be described as “half wrapped”, and that I’ve only wrapped the gifts I’ll be exchanging this weekend, in Scranton, during the “extended family Christmas” (the folks, the sister and I will exchange gifts Christmas Day*).

Since the extended family doesn’t read this blog (as far as I know), here’s the loot I’m bringin’:

Grandma: A selection of holiday coffees from Baltimore Coffee & Tee in Timonium.
Aunt Peggy: Beauty & The Beast, The Complete Second Season
Uncle Bill: The Last Lion Vol I & II (Winston Churchill biography) by William Manchester
Uncle Bill & Aunt Anne: Half a case of Natty Boh
Aunt Anne: A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon
Cousin Maggie: Wise Children by Angela Carter
Cousin Will: Roomful of Mirrors (Jimi Hendricks bio) by Charles Cross

I enjoy giving books. My sister isn’t getting a book — if she hasn’t figured out what she’s getting this year, she hasn’t been paying attention to the last two Christmases.

They’re wrapped (eh, sorta) and waiting in a Kleins Market grocery bag to be transported to the back of my parents’ Camry when they arrive tomorrow morning to pick me up. Although I’d love to break my Matrix in on a road trip, I won’t mind allowing my parents’ to pay for the gas (I’m cheap). I still need to pack my overnight bag. This trip to Scranton will be different, as well: we’re staying in a hotel, along with the cousins. Bill’s dad (himself a Bill) recently sold the home he’d owned since coming home from the Pacific in 1945, and in the past, Dad & I had stayed there while Bill & Will while the women stayed at Peg’s. Still not sure quite what the bunking arrangements are going to be, but I hope the hotel has WiFi.

*Assuming we like each other enough after nine hours in a car over the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Recipe For Disaster

  1. Happy holidays! Sounds like a great weekend, filled with all the fixings of a good family holiday, including too much time in a car together.

  2. Well thats pretty funny since went to Padonia Station last night for the first time in about 5-6 years. A co-worker is leaving next week so we had a going away party at happy-hour that lasted quite a bit longer. I also ended up running into WAY to many people I haven’t seen in 8+ years.

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