This Is Awesome and I Am Literally Drooling As I Write This (Blog Post, However, Is Drool Free)

I like Legos. I like Lego because they’re a medium which serve as a way to physically manifest those crazy castles, spaceships, and other assorted stuff which floats around in my head. Well, I should amend, as my vast Lego collection is currently boxed, bucketed, and other stored away somewhere in my parents’ basement. Okay, I have plans for Hogwarts II floating around in my head, but more on that later …

Meanwhile, the purpose of this post:

What you are looking at iss the HMS Hood. If you’re a World War II buff, you’re probably familiar with the story of the Hood, the pride of the British fleet, dispatched to intercept and sink the German battleship Bismarck before that ship could wreck havoc on the sea convoys keeping Great Britain alive and fighting while that nation stood alone against the Nazi juggernaut. Instead, it was the Hood that exploded and vanished under the waves, kicking off one of the most incredible naval search-and-destroy missions in history.

And now, some nut decided to rebuild the Hood in Lego. Which is, oh, so fucking awesome. That picture above? That’s a Lego model twenty feet long. There are some detail photos after le jumpe, but you can choose to go directly to the Flickr Gallery.