BSG 4×18 – “Deadlock”

As Battlestar Galactica winds down, I was hoping for an exciting episode last Friday night. Instead, this was a clunker that left me scratching my head and wondering just what was it I’d seen. As much as I disliked last week’s “No Exit“, which wasn’t much more than a ton of exposition dumped on the audience, this episode, either from poor writing or lousy editing, was just awful.

Originally, this draft was considerably longer. But, surfing the internet as I do, I came across a few things that opened my eyes about this episode. I will keep my fingers crossed that the DVD release for this season includes a “director’s cut” (yes, there is such precedent: both the 2.5 DVD set and the 3.0 set included extended cuts of episodes).

A commenter on Galactica Sitrep wrote:

I had the priviledge this evening of watching a slightly longer rough cut at a frak party I attended tonight. And there was something really, really key that they had to cut for time (the rough was 11 minutes longer): there are not enough Marines left alive on the Galactica now to handle all required police & civilian duties.

At the beginning of the rough cut version, the Marines give up on the food distribution, sensing a riot. They abandon the food rations…immediately after they leave, the Sons of Aries show up, guns in hand, and take what is left. Also before the credit roll, Adama/Roslin/Lee are arguing about introducing Centurions into the Galactica to pick up the slack in security issues and policing the civvies on the ship. Adama refuses to allow it. At the end of the episode, Baltar’s plea to Adama is longer — he clearly wants his little cult-turned-militia to pick up guns in service of civilian policing and food redistribution. Use his cult, instead of Centurions.

Also, a Chicago Tribune interview with episode scribe Jane Espenson (late of Buffy), sheds more light on the episode.

Personally, I don’t know where to begin. This episode was immensely disappointing, largely because I was still hoping to find out what happened to the mutineers like Racetrack. A big chunk of the episode — far too much, indeed — seemed to be a recap of the previous episode, where Adama just wandered around Galactica’s bowels looking at his ship’s frail condition. There seemed to be very little cohesion, and while I loved — LOVED! — Ellen’s portrayal in “No Exit”, a complete spin from her character in seasons 1 and 2 — she reverted to type here, and that was highly disappointing. I also didn’t buy that Tyrol would want to leave the Fleet, it just didn’t ring true with me.

Lastly: Boomer returns to the Fleet. Boomer Boomer, the same Model 8 who was a sleeper agent during the miniseries and first season, the same Boomer who shot Adama, and who refused to accept her status as a Hero of the Cylon in season two’s Downloaded. Although she at one point pushed her “human” side away, and embraced the machine, she seems to have come full circle. I remember a scene in “Downloaded” where she screams about the unfairness of her situation, about her feelings for Adama and her Galactica crewmates. And I remember in the early 2nd season, Adama and Tyrol talking about Boomer. Adama says something to the effect that Boomer was more than just a machine, she was a person who they’d both cared for. And when she shows up on the flight deck, piloting the Raptor that evacuated Ellen Tigh from Cavil’s torturous intentions at the end of “No Exit”, Adama orders her jailed. I was hoping for some sort of resolution between the two of them, some sort of heart rending emotional moment. Maybe that will come tonight, and my expectations for tonight are much higher than they would be otherwise.

Lastly … the Colonial sidearm prop is a “found” item, namely, a Belgian FN pistol with a grenade-launcher attachment under the barrel. The pistol is all black with some silver highlights, and a black-and-brown two-tone grip. I found a resin model of the prop on eBay and bought it. It needs to be washed, sanded, and painted (I’m thinking about having a friend drill out the barrel, and maybe insert some fishing weights to give it heft), but I’m hoping to make this:

Look like this:

Never fear: the only use I intend on putting it towards is pointing it at my TV and screaming “DIE TOASTER DIE!” while making “BANG! BANG! BOOM!” noises.

3 thoughts on “BSG 4×18 – “Deadlock”

  1. Wow, that’s a pretty rough casting. Probably a recast of the definitive FN Five-seveN/launcher combo which is done by chap uses the monicker Matsuo. I have a couple of his launchers, waiting to be attached to Airsoft 57s. Some of Matsuo’s static resin pieces have been used in the upcoming BSG film “The Plan,” you can see them in the MSG uaction catalogue.

  2. That episode was a clunker and the cut scenes would have made it more coherent. They are just trying to pack too much in while still saving the good stuff for the end.

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