I hate and loathe McMansions, and this is a really neat 430sq foot Paris apartment for FOUR PEOPLE HOLY OMG WTF

I hate and loathe McMansions. (This is somewhat at odds with the fact that I would love to own a 50,000,000 square foot super mansion at some point, but it’d be cool because there would be like fifty Billiards rooms, and secret passages, shooting ranges, and museum wings filled with props from my favorite TV shows and movies because, I mean, if I can afford a place that’s fifty times as big as the Smithsonian’s Air and Space, I gotta be able to fill it up with stuff, right? Because I like my homes to be cozy, even if you could fit the National Mall into them twice over).

And with a 400-square foot studio apartment, you’re damn right I bring the cozy: especially since I moved from a two-bedroom. Use of space is essential: my couch resides in front of an overstuffed bookshelf. My coffee table is a combination desk/dining table. For all this, however, there’s not a lot of hidden storage (unless you count what I stuff into my closet).

In any case, I can’t imagine someone else living in this place with me: it seems crowded as it is, with me and two grumpy cats. And then, surfing through Apartment Therapy, I found this post, about a married couple and their kids sharing a 430-square foot apartment in Paris:


That is such a cool little place, and such a refreshing change of pace from the McMansion mentality. Although, I think I would have to insist on a private bedroom for myself and my lady friend. Also, er, no dog.

2 thoughts on “I hate and loathe McMansions, and this is a really neat 430sq foot Paris apartment for FOUR PEOPLE HOLY OMG WTF

  1. My smallest apartment ever was 800 square feet. And while it wasn’t small, I can’t imagine a family living in something half the size.

  2. That’s a cool apartment. It looks like one of those Ikea showroom units. I really like living in super small places because it forces you to live simply and stay neat. Check out my cruise ship cabin where I lived for four months. It’s about a hundred square feet and includes a bathroom, a roommate, and no kitchen. At home there is more space but things are messier what with a husband and all.

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