Forgive the quality of the picture. A fairly long and aggravating day at both the Office, and the Bookstore, and I just spent an hour putting together this daaaaamned bookshelf.

Part of my brain has been trying to figure out what’s been wrong with the Expedit unit I bought (and couldn’t assemble) Monday. When I got home tonight, instead of checking my e-mail, brushing my teeth, and diving into bed, I stripped to boxers and a t-shirt (because building IKEA stuff is a sweaty, sweaty business), and tested my hypothesis, which is this: that the pegs which hold the inner shelves together were either too long, or that the plugs into which they’re pegged were not drilled to the proper length.

I was half right: for each shelf, the instructions call for four pegs per attachment. The inner pegs and plugs were the appropriate size, however, the outer plugs had not been unplugged enough. When the outer pegs were removed, or trimmed down, the fit was flush.

Sadly, even with pliers, removing many of those outer pegs proved most difficult. I think in my exertions Monday, I secured some of them pretty, uh, securely. When I mentioned “trimming” them down in the previous paragraphs? I wound up snapping a lot of them clean off.

Fortunately, however, an Expedit is a pretty sturdy shelf, even if you are missing a whole bunch of pegs. With the shelves flush, the rest was pretty easy, and within an hour of getting home, my new shelf is completed. My coffee table is littered with broken pegs, and my fingers are numb from the hex wrench. If I didn’t have to be up in six hours, I’d totally chug a beer to congratulate myself on persevering over this goddamn bookshelf, and for the love of fuck, if I ever mention buying stuff from IKEA again, remind me about this post. When I think it’s a good idea to buy another, I will have forgotten how much of a pain in the ass they can be, and will only remember how happy I am with additional bookshelves.

Friday? Bookshelf porn. No, no, I’m posting bookshelf porn.


The shelf, in it’s final place, and properly put to use:


9 thoughts on “I WIN, IKEA!

  1. Yes, yes it is. However, that’s because that’s where it wound up when I finished putting it together. This (on its side) will be the new TV bench, and the shelf the TV is on now will slide over to the right, against the wall.

  2. Just finished putting mine together! I bought it during the sale also. You are so right that it was a hassle and the directions (not even in the box) were not all that great. But mine did come with an extra pack of dowels labeled that they are to be used instead of those in the main packaging. I have a new appreciation for the large expedit desk system in my studio which my boyfriend put together. Never again! Though they look great :)

  3. Lusty Reader – XXX bookshelf prOn tomorrow. Or tonight.

    Nas – Actually, although I did go on Saturday, the line discouraged me. I went back Tuesday. I do not believe I had a 2nd set of dowels — grrrr! Unless they were giving them out separately …

  4. Nope the dowels were in the box. They just added them in it seemed because the old ones were there also. Your IKEA probably hasn’t updated yet. Sheesh

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