I Can’t Unlock The Door Without A Key!


Friday night, I’ll be heading to the E-Street Cinema (it’s on E Street) for the first time, and why? Some new blockbuster film I just can’t wait another moment to see? Some great little independent film? Perhaps I’m going to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo*?

Nope! I’m going for — wait for it, wait for it — this!!!

Okay, the giant poster I’ve embedded into the post probably clued you in, too. Hah, clued. I slay me.

So what if I’ve got it on DVD? Twice. I actually have two copies of the DVD. True.

So what if I just watched it three times in one week not that long ago?

So what if I know who dunnit? (In any of the three endings?)

I’m so excited. Seriously. I’m just going to run my fingers down my cheeks and say “Flaaaaames … on the side of my face…”

Because honestly, it’s not about the movie. I’m looking forward to seeing it with a crowd of folks who love the film. I betcha I can’t hear a word of film dialogue over the audience participation. I just hope I can stay awake through the whole thing! (Usually, by like 11, my body is like, “Dude … bed … where’s the bed?”)

Also — midnight showings are retarded. They should be 11:59 showings. It’s completely counter intuitive — it’s like, “Wait, am I buying a ticket for the Saturday AM screening of CLUE Friday night? Or is this the Sunday AM screening of CLUE on Saturday night?” Lots of head scratching, and for baldies like me, this leads to awkward questions: “So, dude, some passionate lady giving you the loving?” to which I can only reply, “No, buying midnight movie tickets is causing me to self-mutilate myself. Also, I really need to trim my fingernails.”


*I might, though.

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Unlock The Door Without A Key!

  1. That sounds so fun! Have a great time.

    And I am so, so psyched for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie! I already know when and where it’s playing here.

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  3. I saw Tim Curry in concert several years ago. Your love for the movie aside, I really, really hated it when he gave up music for acting.

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