Weight: Week Three

As I mentioned last week, I injured my foot last Saturday: excessive walking.

Despite my injured foot, I stubbornly walked home last Wednesday night. When I twittered about this, the reaction on Twitter and Facebook was “Are you a moron?” Well, no, I’m just a stubborn asshole and I miss walking and it was a beautiful night, okay?

I was going to make a doctor’s appointment, I swear. And then …

“What’d you do to your foot?” a customer asked as I limped him towards the computer section.

“Too much walking,” I told him.

“Your heel?” he asked.

“No,” I pointed to the top of my foot*.

He gave me the same advice many others did: ice the foot at a regular interval, and elevate it as much as possible. I’ve been doing that since Thursday night, alas, when I opened my freezer and found that I had no ice, I settled for soaking a towel in cold water and then wrapping it around my foot. Brr! The good news is, my foot feels considerably better since I’ve been doing this, and I’m confident I’ll be back to full walking power come Thursday, when I’ll duck out of work to spend the remainder of the day ogling the Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin.

In any case, here’s the news you’ve skimmed this entire post for: this morning, I weighed in at 246.5, which is a loss of 3.5 pounds since last week, for a total of 12.5 since I began this effort on March 4th. This puts me well on my way to my initial goal of 229 by June 18th (my sister’s wedding), and pretty well on my way to my overall goal of 175 by the middle of December.

*On this diagram, #10 on the right foot.

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