That’s One Scary Ninja Turtle

I grew up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan, reveling in their wacky cartoon adventures, thrilled at the live action movies (only the first two, never saw the third, and only saw the second the one time). But as I grew up, the Turtles became less cool and more slapstick — what kind of a disincentive is it for a bad guy to wake up in a dumpster the next morning, sore all over, smelling vaguely of anchovy pizza?

Well, there’s a new TMNT movie in the works, set for next year, and if this is representative of the film, this ain’t going to be a kid’s movie:


Rather, it’ll be based on the Eastman & Laird original comics. You know: the ones where if you pull a knife on a Ninja Turtle, you’re going to not wake up in a dumpster smelling of anchovy pizza, because they fucking slaughtered your stupid ass.

(Also, that is one scary fucking turtle).


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  1. One of the many things in life I could kick myself for: I had the first 5 issues of the TMNT graphic novels in pristine condition when they first came out. I have no idea what happened to them.

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