The Castle Hrothingas – Through the Ages

I found images of the Castle Hrothingas on Brickshelf, the imaginative creation of a Lego builder I know only as “Daniel Z” (you can see his work on flickr, too). The concept of his creation is the evolution of a castle, through six distinct stages (from “rough settlement” through to “tourist attraction”).

This, as opposed to the usual Lego castle models you see, which are quite complete in all their Arthurian majesty.

So, anyhoodle, without further preamble, enjoy the pictures:


A small settlement, a fort wall. Such humble beginnings.

And now we’ve got stone structures. The wooden wall is also being replaced by stone. And there’s also a flimsy looking watchtower.


The watchtower’s gone — made into stone. But there are still plenty of flimsy wooden structures. In any case, this is certainly looking like a castle (albeit one still under construction).


Would you look at this sucker! Beautiful! (There’s also a whole folder of pictures of the castle under siege, if you’re into that violence stuff.)


And even, in ruins, still beautiful.


And where’s the dammed McDonald’s?