The Downfall of the Hitler Meme

If you’re not walking around with your eyes stapled shut and your ears clogged with molten wax, you’re probably familiar with the Hitler meme based off the German film Downfall. Utilizing a clip from the movie where Hitler’s been informed that essentially, yeah, they’re all doomed and in a few days Berlin’s going to be a smoking crater, Hitler flips out and starts swearing everyone. The meme replaces the original subtitles (yes, the film itself is in German) with attacks on pop-culture, sports, Hillary Clinton, etc. (Personally, my favorite is the Risk one).

I mean, there was a time when you couldn’t go anywhere on YouTube without tripping over a Hitler meme.

But they’re disappearing. Because Constantin Films (Downfall‘s owner) doesn’t find them funny:

However, the film’s producers have failed to see the funny side, and Constantin films is now mounting a campaign to assert its copyright and have the clips removed from the site.

This is wrong for two reasons.

One – would you even know what Downfall was without the Hitler meme? I wouldn’t! But because of the Hitler meme, I stuck it on my Netflix queue, watched it, and quite enjoyed it. Free publicity, you guys! Free!

Two – well, I’m actually going to let a Hitler meme make my point for me:

Even thought it’s a parody.

Even though that’s really not Hitler.

Even though I agree with everything he’s saying … *

… it’s really disturbing to have an actor playing Hitler defending a cause you believe in (even though, really, it’s the guy writing the subtitles).

*”saying” = “subtitling”

3 thoughts on “The Downfall of the Hitler Meme

  1. The one I embedded on my blog,”Hitler Finds Out Nobody will Hire his Jazz Band” no longer works. Damn, it was hilariously funny too! I guess the guy who went to the trouble to make a movie about Hitler doesn’t have a sense of humor. Oh well.

  2. haha, i know what you mean… it seems like i should ALWAYS vehemently disagree with anything hitler is saying! or.. subtitling!

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