Weight: Week Five (HALFWAY THERE!)

Once upon a time, I visited a guy’s blog, and he posted the secret to being successful at blogging: “Be a completely anonymous blogger,” he wrote. This was like five years ago, so I’m completely paraphrasing. In essence, he argued that great bloggers were unafraid of censoring themselves, and they could only be unafraid of censoring themselves if no one knew who they were, and they didn’t have to worry about negative reactions from friends or families.

Sometimes, I wish I were a completely anonymous blogger. I wish no one knew who I was, so that I could write with impunity about [adjective] decision made at my place of employment. But I’m not anonymous, and so I can’t write what I want to, so I’ll just say: what the fuck? And you’ll have to trust me that it was a real “WTF” moment. (And yes, I’m still employed.)

But this post isn’t about work being sucky, it’s about weight loss. Well, I had a real bad weekend, friends.

Friday is my “safety” day, per the kind advice of one crazy triathlete running guy named Brian. Basically, it’s a day where I take his advice:

My advice, give yourself one a day week where you eat anything you want. ANYTHING. Gorge yourself for just one day and the rest of the week eat as healthy as you can. By pigging out one day a week you’ll rev up your metabolism into overdrive, lower your net caloric intake over the week and give yourself much needed relief from all that healthy eating. Try it for a month, I bet it will work.

I mean, I wouldn’t say I eat healthy so much as I’m usually pretty good at watching my calorie intake (two totally different things, I know). But Fridays, even forgetting the whole metabolism thing, it’s just great to tell myself, as I’m craving pizza or ice cream or whatever, “Hey, just two more days … and then you can eat a whole pizza, all by yourself!” And boy do I love my Friday pig-outs.

Sadly, my Friday pig-out turned into a weekend-long pig-out, which wasn’t helped by finding out what I vaguely referenced above. After I heard that, I made myself a big plate of chips smothered in salsa and queso and sour cream, and chased all that down with a beer*.

This weekend, I walked a total of eight miles — six on Saturday, two more on Sunday. I also re-exacerbated the injury to my right foot, which resulted in me walking four miles less than I would have otherwise. I really need to get to DSW sometime this week for new walking shoes — any advice? Right now I’m wearing Avia. (And I rewarded myself for all my Saturday AM walking (four miles!**) by eating an entire bag of Old Fashioned Ginger Snaps, and like three or four glasses of milk with it).

And yet, from last week, I’ve still lost weight: I’m at 244 this morning, which means I’ve dropped 2 pounds since last Monday, and fifteen pounds since March 4th. You’ll also note that I am now halfway towards my first goal, which is for a total weight loss of thirty pounds by the time of my sister’s wedding in mid-June. At this pace, and assuming I can keep myself in check, I can expect to meet (and beat!) that goal.

* Or three.

**I hoofed out to Target Saturday morning via Calvert Street and Lanier Place to 16th. Heading home, I opted (on a whim!) to vary it up, and went north to Park, and over to Klingle. Holy crap those hills. By the time I got to Connecticut, I felt like I was a member of the walking doom (the tourists).

4 thoughts on “Weight: Week Five (HALFWAY THERE!)

  1. You ate a whole plate of chips/sour cream/etc. and still lost weight?

    I hate you.

    And I mean that in the best possible way. (Heading back to the treadmill…)

  2. lacochran – forget the treadmill! grab the hubber, go to DC, take a nice LONG walk!

    Jeney – these shoes I’ve had for well over a year, def past time to replace ’em. Fortunately, there’s a DSW just up the road from my office.

    Kate – Friday was great fun! We need to figure out what other movies you’ve been culturally deficient in not seeing.

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