Weight: Week Seven (pretty soon, I’m going to have to start cutting some extra notches in this here belt)

I can’t help but feeling that last week could’ve been a better weight loss week for me. Maybe if I hadn’t had that beer last night. Or the bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries for dinner.

In terms of walking, last week was golden. Every night, with one exception, that I worked at the Bookstore I walked home: Monday night, Tuesday night, Thursday night, Friday night. Wednesday I went to see Kick Ass at The Uptown with a coworker, technically, I walked home from Cleveland Park, but that’s just over half a mile, so nothing to crow about. Saturday and Sunday I walked to work both days, and Saturday I even walked home, although my feet ached and my legs felt like rotten timber ready to collapse from within: literally, when I stepped out of the store and checked the NextBus app and saw that the bus would be at the nearest stop — a block away — in zero minutes, I could almost feel myself cry. I seriously contemplated waiting the ninety-six minutes for the next L2 after that.

But in the end, I sucked it up. And I walked. And my feet ached and my legs hurt, but somehow I made it home, that last block always seeming to be the very longest, when I can see my building like a mirage in the distance, drawing me to it with its sheer presence, yet never actually being there.

Until, y’know, I stumble up the front steps and somehow manage to haul myself into the elevator, knowing how much it’s going to hurt when the doors open five floors later, and I’ve got to continue my homeward trek on its last, brief bit.

And then there was Sunday night, where my folks came into DC to take me out to dinner, and coincidentally, leave me my old car (now my dad’s) for the week while they travel west. Never fear: this isn’t going to impact my walking schedule as much as the rainy weather will. Truly, it’s only indicative that I live a very boring life. Guess what my big, super awesome plans are for a week with access to a vehicle?

I’m going to go to Petsmart (cat litter), Target (toilet paper), and IKEA (bookshelf). All this, even though my first day off since April 3rd is arriving this coming Saturday.

That’s it. Those are my fantastically exciting plans for having a car for the next eight days.

I really am boring, aren’t I?

In any case, perhaps it was the bacon cheeseburger that tacked on an extra pound at the end of the week: today, I weighed myself at 241.5, which is a drop of one and a half pounds since last week, and seventeen and a half total since I started this whole endeavor (back on March 4th). I’m mentally gearing myself up for some long walks this week, and I’m quite determined to be below 240 one hundred and sixty-eight hours from now.

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  1. Do you have work shoes and walking shoes? I bet your feet wouldn’t be as sore if you used 2 different pairs of shoes for your day.

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