Weight: Week Six

I had a really bad week.

Like, really bad.

Like, not just, “Oh, my day job sucks but my bookstore job rocks” kind of week, where one balances the other, but the kind of week where both jobs sucked so much I just wanted to quit both, sell all my crap on Craigslist and eBay and live as a hermit somewhere within Rock Creek Park. Like, that kind of week.

You know — the kind of week where those of us who find comfort in food (like ME) fall into old, bad habits. Like, for example, eating at Subway after 8pm, and not a sandwich with no mayo or fatty meats, but a Spicy Italian with the works, and a non-diet soda (with refills!) and a bag of Doritos on the side (sooooo good). And then, instead of walking the two miles home, being lazy enough to just jump on the bus.

Yeah, that was pretty much my whole week. I mean – I only actually ate at Subway once, but I wasn’t turning down the cake coworkers were bringing in for their birthdays, y’know? And when one tempted me with a bag of spicy Cheetos? Yeah, I ate the whole bag. In one sitting. Not one of those .99 cent bags, either, but the big $2.99 bag. My fingers were bright red for two days.

And with all of that said …

… I still lost weight. Only a pound. But any loss is no gain, right?

My sister’s wedding is two months away. So, figure, what, eight weeks? If I can maintain a weight loss of two pounds per week, I’ll exceed (slightly) my goal of losing thirty pounds. But I’ve got to stay focused on that goal. I need to get back into the habit of using iLoseIt, a great little app for my beloved Jesus Phone. I need to keep walking, as much as possible, whenever possible. To keep me focused, I went back through my archives to map my weight loss:

Week One – 6.5 lbs
Week Two – 2.5 lbs
Week Three – 3.5 lbs
Week Four – .5 lb
Last Week – 2 lbs

I weighed in at 243 today, a loss of one pound from last week, for a total of sixteen since March 4th. I’m determined to get myself back on my regular walking routine, however, and currently estimate my walking this coming week to be nineteen miles total (which will, of course, be adjusted for weather, aching right foot, and how much the Sarah Silverman event sucks).

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  1. dude, that’s awesome. 16 lbs is nothing to shake a stick at! or.. wait. is it something to shake a stick at? i think i’m not understanding the phrase very well :-)

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