LOST: Across the Sea (spoilers)

Yeah so —

— wait, did I mention SPOILERS?


So, basically what I pulled from this week’s episode of LOST (which I watched last night via Hulu because I canceled my at-home cable-TV service to save some bucks), is that C.J. Craig quit the White House, moved to a remote jungle island, murdered a woman, kidnapped the dead woman’s children, never gave the younger one a name, and then he grew up all resentful and shit and committed matricide, at which point his older brother threw him into a magic lake wherein he became the Smoke Monster (or the Smoke Monster absorbed his personality).

In other words: thank you, C.J. Craig, for killing Sayid and Jin and Sun, you bitch.

Well, at least the skeletons in the cave weren’t Rose and Bernard.


So I guess what I want to say here is that there are two shows I’ve enjoyed immensely in the last few years: LOST and Battlestar Galactica. And they both seem to be falling into the trap of explaining more than needs to be known. It’s a trap best illustrated by Star Wars: no, I don’t actually want to have three movies showing how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. All it does is make Vader seem especially silly and ridiculous: “Oh, Dark Lord of the Sith? So that’s what hot-shot kid fighter-pilots grow up into these days, eh?”

I don’t want origin stories of the Man in Black and Jacob. I think everything we needed to know about them was illustrated early this season in Ab Aeterno (the Richard origin story). It is not necessary for origin stories for every single mysterious character we’ve ever seen on LOST. Why? Well, for one, because it makes them much less mysterious. Also, especially coming in the last season, so far they’ve pretty much been pre-packaged one-offs, which really doesn’t suit the show very well: look, for example, at how much of Ben Linus’s past we know — they didn’t give it to us in one episode (well, initially they sort of did, but then they went and it was a fairly significant season 5 story arc).

C’mon LOST. Retain your mystery. At least some of it. Be like a woman — far more sexy while still clothed.

One thought on “LOST: Across the Sea (spoilers)

  1. I gotta disagree with you on this one; this is an origin story–a couple of them, really–that needed some explanation. We’re probably not going to know how the cave/lake/whateverthehell gets its ability to turn MIB into Smokey, but now we know where he derives from. We also get an explanation for Adam & Eve, which is a callback all the way to Season One. (So is the game, in a way.)

    MIB and Jacob are not sixth-season one-offs (Indiana Jones Temple Crowd, I’m looking at you); they’ve been at the periphery of the story for a long time. Now they’re becoming more central to the explanations as the timelines start to merge. Also, this episode tells me that neither Jacob nor MIB are supernatural creatures, they’re just a couple of guys who were brought to the island by some outside force and are just as manipulated as the 2004 Losties have been.

    Also, I hear that at least one more person bites it next week, which may bolster my other theory about why they’re dying.

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