Oh, Lost. (It should go without saying: SPOILERS).

You read how there are spoilers, right?

As I Hulued* Lost, I was tweeting. Reading back over said tweets (which included gems like “Omg!!!!!!!! R, B, & V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”), I think I came across like a twelve year old girl.

I was crying like one, too. What can I say? The episode touched all the emotional cords for me. It was an emotionally satisfying ending to a program that has captivated my imagination for five years (I didn’t start watching the show until after the first season had been released on DVD).

I think Lost fans divide into roughly two categories: those who watch to find out the mystery of the Island, and those who watch because they’re invested in the characters. I’ll always be in the latter camp, if I don’t form an attachment to the characters, I can’t be bothered to find the time in my schedule to watch a television show (particularly over six years).

I don’t care what the Island’s properties are. It’s the same reason I don’t care why an elevator works, or how turning the ignition in a car starts the engine**. It’s enough that they work. I don’t even care why there were polar bears (I have a “schweaty polar bear balls” theory, but I’ll relate that at a future date).

So, here is, roughly the plot: on the Island, Jack and the Man in Black throw Hume down the magical cave where he pulls a giant plug and the Island begins to collapse into the ocean. Jack kills the Man in Black, but not before he himself is mortally wounded. Marking Hurley as his replacement, Jack sets things aright as Sawyer, Kate, Miles, Richard, and Frank escape Hydra island in the airplane. The Sideways universe is revealed as a sort of purgatory: it’s a place where the survivors can find each other before “moving on.” Jack is the last survivor to recover his memory and to join the others.

Things I particularly enjoyed:

Rose and Bernard! And Vincent!

It’s completely wrong that Ben and Hurley’s last scene together is a toilet joke. (Wrong … but the funny sort of, “OMG that’s so wrong!” sense).

Things I thought were overlooked:

Continuing from “things I particularly enjoyed”, And Vincent! And Michael and Walt! Oh, wait. C’mon. Don’t tell me Harold Perrineau and Malcolm David Kelley were too busy to be included. And honestly, I’ve never believed Michael to be a deliberately malicious person: everything he did, he did to protect his son. Ben was a far, far worse person. It was unfair of them not to be included (and while I have nothing against Boone and Shannon, c’mon now.)

Thoughts on Purgatory:

(I call it Purgatory, even thought it seems to match that description only roughly).

I saw some who drew the conclusion that everyone died on the plane crash, and everything that happened on the Island was a figment of their collective consciousness. Except … that’s not how I read it. Everything happened. But when the characters died (whether their deaths were depicted on the show, or if they survived for years afterwords), they went to this place, and found themselves on the Oceanic Airlines flight that didn’t crash.

So even though Boone died three-quarters of the way through the first season, and even though Jack died at the very end of the finale, they both entered Purgatory at the same time: as Oceanic Airlines began its landing at LAX. Remember what Christian said: “Some died before you, some died long after you.” Then remember how old Jacob was, and consider: how long did Hurley live before he passed on? It could have been thousands upon thousands of years.

*I can too make up verbs.

**If I can accept that the Force is some sort of mystical bond between all living things without having to know all the technical specifications of midichloreans, I think I can accept that the Island is some sort of mystical entity without having to know the whys and hows of it.

3 thoughts on “Oh, Lost. (It should go without saying: SPOILERS).

  1. I… don’t really get it. Like, I just don’t. And as such, I didn’t really like it. It was OK, but… man, I just felt unfulfilled.

    I guess I should watch again.

  2. I like and share your perspective on the finale. I cried. A lot. And Vincent lying down with Jack in his final moments just filled me with such a wonderful feeling. Remember Jack saying in one of the very first episodes that the survivors had to work together or die alone? Having Vincent be there for Jack… man…

    Lost will always have a great place in my heart. By chance, I became friends with one of the writers of the show a few years ago, and so I’m grateful to “Lost” for both the adventure and the friendship. :)

  3. S.S. – I think this summer I’m going to watch the whole series over, from season 1. I think it’ll be great. Also, what didn’t you “get” about it? Maybe you just need to rewatch it :)

    Merujo – It was satisfying, too. Good survives, evil dies, everyone has a happy ending (albeit, after they’re dead). Sure it doesn’t answer much — but do you (you general, not you specific) actually want it to answer stuff? Far more fun to speculate.

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