Rome’s Subtitles

I am spending my afternoon and evening lounging around my apartment in my boxers, watching DVDs, playing some Xbox, and generally being unproductive. Hey, I walked six miles this morning, and according to iLoseIt, I’m 1500 calories under my daily budget — anyway, the point is, feeling like relaxing, y’know?

Anyway, so several years ago, I caught the first few episodes of Rome, but never got through the entire season (or show). I decided to Netflix them, and the first two discs arrived this week. I popped the first disc in and watched the first episode, and while it’s everything I’ve come to expect of an HBO production — sharp production values, solid writing — I realized pretty quickly that there was something really fucked up on these discs.

The subtitles.

First off, I don’t usually mind subtitles. I mean, if they pop up, whatever. They’re not something I’ll usually set, but I generally can’t be bothered to turn them off. Um. Except that in this case, the subtitles aren’t just white or yellow letters at the bottom of the screen. Here’s a photo of the TV:


HOW FUCKING ANNOYING IS THAT? I mean, first of all, you can barely READ the subtitles in the first place. But then they take up HALF THE DAMN SCREEN.

Sadly, using the player’s remote to turn off subtitles wasn’t really an option unless, having done that, I then rewound (you know what I mean) the disc a few seconds and started playing again. Also, the subtitles would pop up again at each chapter mark. Annoying. And frustrating.

And, yes: I do know the problem is the disc (or rather, am pretty certain it’s the disc because I’ve never had trouble with the player before), and I know it isn’t the TV because I’ve got two TVs hooked to the same source and they both have the ugly subtitles.

HBO: I don’t know what happened when you were making these discs, but if I’ve got to say: big FAIL.

2 thoughts on “Rome’s Subtitles

  1. Weird about the subtitles. When did we start subtitling British English? Sheesh.

    Anyway, I own the series, and didn’t have this problem. It’s on loan to a friend, but if I get it back anytime soon, and you’re still having issues, maybe we can work out a loan. Rome is a must-see!

  2. Chrissy – fortunately, the subtitles have been cropping up less frequently on the 2nd disc (which I completed yesterday). Hopefully, they’ll be gone altogether by the 3rd. And maybe this means there IS a problem with my player somehow triggering them … odd.

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