Weight: Week Eight — Wherein I’ve Been Lazy & Gained Some Weight Back

My folks return today from a week in Colorado. One of the consequences of their trip is that they asked if I wanted to borrow my old car for the duration, and I said, “Yes!” So, since Sunday a week ago, I’ve had my old Toyota Matrix parked behind my building, and accessible whenever I’ve desired it.

So, here’s a day-by-day breakdown of my week, and of my lack of exercise and poor food judgement skills.

On Monday, I went to a work-sponsored lunch to greet a new coworker. I ate an entire California Pizza Kitchen Meat Lover’s pizza. I worked at the Bookstore in the evening, and walked home.

On Tuesday, I had two ham & cheese grilled sandwiches for lunch, then caught the bus home from the Bookstore after we stayed much later than usual preparing for the annual audit.

On Wednesday, because I did not have to work at the Bookstore, I drove to work in the morning. Because it was the monthly birthday lunch, the office ordered a whole ton of pizza from Ledo’s, and I ate far more than I should. After work, I went to a coworker’s house to play some Call of Duty, and was treated to homemade waikki meatballs and rice (oh my god, nom nom nom). Departing shortly thereafter, I made trips to Target, Petsmart (bought eight of these), and IKEA (for bookshelves, and assorted shelf-inserts).

On Thursday, after the Bookstore, I once again chose to utilize the bus over walking home. There were no extenuating circumstances – I was just lazy.

On Friday, after working at the Bookstore all day, I and several of my coworkers took Greg Luce out for farewell drinks at Mackey’s. More on Greg later, but let’s just say he’s been a fixture of the store, and he will be dearly missed. I had a beer, a coke, and far more french fries than I should have.

Saturday I ventured down to Open City for lunch with another former colleague from the Bookstore, this time a tall Swedish blond, her boyfriend (another former coworker from the Bookstore), and their daughter, all of whom were in the area (from Sweden) for a funeral. I had an Open City burger, piled high with cheese and bacon, and it was soooo good. I spent the rest of the day (my first, by the way, day off since April 3rd) assembling bookshelves and cleaning (most of) my apartment. Dinner was a whole bag of ginger snaps and several glasses of milk while I watched Sherlock Holmes (very good film, highly enjoyable).

Sunday I was out of my apartment super early, raced up to Rockville, bought some stuff at Target (yes, I know there’s one in DC, but when I have access to a car, I like to shake up my routine a bit, okay?), then drove straight down to the Bookstore, parked outside, worked all day, and upon leaving, hunted around until I found an open Subway, ordered a foot long Spicy Italian, and ate it at home with a couple handful of jalapeno chips and a tall class of Coke Zero.

So you might expect, having completely blown any weekly calorie restrictions, and having walked only two miles out of the fourteen I usually walk in a week, that I would’ve gained like twenty pounds. Honestly, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was pretty sure I was going to be at the 250-mark.

And remember: last week? Last week I was at 241.5.

I gained back … wait for it! … wait for it! …

Two and a half pounds.


I am at 244 pounds. A gain of two and a half since last week, but still a total loss of fifteen pounds since March 4th. And I am determined to shed those two and a half pounds by this time next week.

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