96 to Grosvenor

Really, lady? I know the bus is almost entirely empty, but that’s just another reason why your bag doesn’t belong in the CENTER OF THE DAMN AISLE!!!

3 thoughts on “96 to Grosvenor

  1. Having had experiences with suitcases on buses, I wonder where else you want her to put her bag?

  2. D – I wasn’t kidding, the bus was EMPTY. We’re talking a full size bus with maybe half a dozen passengers. She could’ve put her bag on the seat on her left, or the one in front of her. It certainly didn’t belong at the narrowest point of the aisle. And if she DID have to put it in the aisle, at the least, she could’ve turned it fully so that the widest side ran along her seat.

  3. I’m with you Snay – I travel by bus with suitcases all the time and if you can’t get it out of the damned aisle you pay for it with irate passengers (such as yourself, dear malnurtured one).

    I would have tucked it in the space between the forward facing seats and the sideways seats.

    Folks like this need to have their bag kicked down the aisle to figure it out.


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