Contesting a Parking Ticket in DC?

Back at the end of April, my parents (who live in Columbia), went out to Colorado for a week, and graciously lent me my old car back for that time (I sold it to my dad almost two years ago).

Being the conscientious DC resident that I am, I obtained the appropriate visitor’s parking permit from my local police station, and displayed it on the car’s windshield.

Because I never – ever – saw a parking ticket on the car, I assumed the permit did its job. Alas, t’was not the case, as my dad handed me a letter yesterday from DC’s DMV regarding a ticket apparently issued April 26th. And, since it hadn’t been paid, oh, look, here’s a fine doubling the original cost.


Particularly uh-oh as I’m pretty sure the visitor’s permit was trashed.

Anyway, the letter states that to contest the ticket, one must travel to, which I did. I’d heard from some Twitter/Facebookatti that contesting a parking ticket is a relatively easy thing to do —

— and maybe “relatively” is the key word here.

Anyway, I guess I’ll be contesting by mail:

The relevant sign was missing or obscured

I hope “relevant sign” includes visitor’s parking passes.

In the meantime, I’m going to mail a letter to the DMV requesting a copy of the ticket. At the very least, if I am stuck paying it, I don’t want to have to pay a late fee for a ticket I never knew was owed. (And since I don’t have the visitor’s permit … I’m pretty sure I’m going to wind up paying up, y’know?)