holyshitiamsogladilefttheairconditioningonwheniwent outthismorningbecauseohmygod…

I left my apartment at 7:15am. The air was cool, and there was a breeze. If it was possible to have sex with the weather, I would’ve made tender, sweet love to it all morning long.

I got back to my apartment at 12:20pm. I was soaked in sweat, and what little water was left in my water bottle I poured over my hat as I climbed the steps to the building’s door. The sun was out, the breeze was gone, and I swear my arms were glowing bright red.


My goal for this morning was to walk to the Library of Congress, rest for a few minutes, then walk home.

I sort of got side tracked on the way home. I stopped by the Botanical Gardens (they weren’t open yet), walked through the Mall, up past the Bookstore, and for some dumb reason, decided to stop at Subway (at 10:30!) for lunch! At TEN THIRTY! And eat a footlong sub, a bag of chips, and a two helpings of soda!

At which point I felt so guilty I decided to make up for it by walking home via Georgetown, instead of Dupont Circle — i.e., doubling the walk home from that point.

But it was all good. According to Google Maps, I’ve walked 12.3 miles today, far outstripping last week’s long walk, and making me feel perfectly content in spending the rest of the day watching movies and playing Arkham Asylum.

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