“Is it illegal to wish the chewing of law enforcement?”

My only memories of The Golden Girls are, admittedly fond ones: usually me, curled up next to or near my Grandmother while the show played in the background. They’re vivid enough that I’m still shocked whenever Betty White breaks away from her Rose character to portray either a villainous criminal grandmother type on Boston Legal, or the enabler of a giant man-munching croc in the hilariously campy Lake Placid (the source of this post’s title, FYI).

With the announcement today of the passing of Rue McClanahan, something somewhere deep in my brain went clickity-clickity-clockity, and I did some quick internet sleuthing. Of the four Golden Girls, Betty White is the only survivor, but look at the dates of death:

Estelle Getty 7/22/2008
Beatrice Arthur* 4/25/2009
Rue McClanahan 6/3/2010

I mean — is that kind of eerie? That they’re all passing away in the spring/summer of sequential years? Or is it just me? I am perfectly willing to accept that I may be a totally morbid person in need of getting my ass kicked by Betty White, as evidenced by the photo below:


(You’ll always be Catherine Piper to me, Betty).

*who was, in truth, best known for her role as the cantina owner in The Star Wars Christmas Special.

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  1. Uh, do you have any support for your asterisk? I never even knew Star Wars had a Christmas special until Bea Arthur passed away and I saw the clips. Bea Arthur had about 20 years on two hit sitcoms and you think she’s best known for an obscure Christmas special?

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