“Lost” Battlefield Found

Pretty cool!


Former army Capt. Brian Freeman, an expert on the Kokoda Trail – a 60-mile trek through rugged mountainous country and rainforest of the island – said Monday he was led to the Eora Creek battle site where he found the remains of the soldiers.

The site about half a mile from the village of Eora Creek was believed to be the location of the last major battle that was pivotal in Australia’s campaign against the Japanese in Papau New Guinea.

Although the site was known to local villages, jungles reclaimed it after the battle of Eora Creek. Although locals hunted on the plateau surrounding the site, they avoided the 600-square-meter battle ground because of a belief that spirits of the dead were still present in the “lost battlefield.”

I’m a little incredulous that, in a jungle, almost seventy years later, the remains of the soldiers who fought and died there can still be found. Then again, maybe the jungle’s predators avoided the battle ground too.

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  1. oh my gosh, that IS fascinating. can you imagine walking into that grove?? i hope they publish more pictures…

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