Masked Manhunter

I love it.

The armed goons walk beneath me, armed with rifles. I’m not immortal, my armor is not bulletproof: I would die. I swoop off a gargoyle, cape as glider, and slam both feet into his chest. He rebounds backwards, grabs for his gun, but I’m already in the air, pinning him to the ground, slamming my first into his face hard enough to knock him into unconsciousness.

Other goons hear the noise, running towards me. But I’m no longer there.

Because I’m the god damn Batman.

(Not my gameplay, FYI, just found on YouTube).

Okay. Well, so I’m only playing the Batman. But I tell you, if Arkham Asylum was only set in big abandoned warehouses, and the entire game was figuring out how to overpower goons one at a time? I’d be totally thrilled.

Seriously: the only thing I regret about this game is that it was a Christmas gift, and it took me until June to start playing.