Weight Week Sixteen: Where I Break Down And Go To The Gym

Aside for my walk home Friday night, I stayed off the streets this weekend. There were no long walks. Honestly, there weren’t many short walks, either. The heat I could deal with. The heat and the humidity? No.

But, because I wanted to get exercise, I overcame my resistance to the gym.

My building is one of four, all along the same block, that are owned by the same realty company, and administered and maintained by the same leasing office and staff. As such, the gym in the building next to mine is open to all residents, and I took full advantage of that this weekend, with two trips on Saturday, and another Sunday evening.

Saturday morning, after putting some laundry in the wash cycle, I walked over and spent thirty minutes on a stationary bike. My legs wobbled when I left. That evening, feeling some energy to burn, I went back and split my time between the elliptical and the stationary bike.

Last night, late, too, I went back and diversified: ten minutes on the elliptical, fifteen on the stationary bike, and five minutes on the rowing machine. Checking videos on YouTube when I got back to my apartment, I realized my rowing machine posture was incorrect. Fortunately, I seem to have survived the experience intact, and will correct my posture the next time I’m on the bike (which might even be tonight).

Last week I weighed in at 238 pounds.

This morning? 235.5. That’s a loss of 2.5 lbs since last week, and a total loss of 23.5 lbs since I started this endeavor. Go, me!

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  1. The aerobic exercise will give you surprising results like that every week. Keep up the good work!

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