Weight Week Eighteen: um, WTF

I don’t get it.

At all.

I walked a few miles on Friday after work: okay, not home, but over to Chinatown, and then over to Franklin Square for a bus. Saturday morning, on four hours of sleep, I was in the gym for over an hour, burning fat on the exercise bike. I went back later that evening for another thirty minutes. Sunday I started and ended the day with twenty minute biking sessions, and in between, I walked four point four miles to and from work.

Okay, I drank two beers Friday night. I may have eaten a hot dog or two this weekend. But I wasn’t consuming as much junk as I did last week. And yet, I only dropped a pound. Whereas last week I ate ice cream, and hot dogs, and drank beer to my heart’s content and only gained a pound (admittedly, I also worked out like crazy, but no crazier than this week, right?)

Maybe I am building some serious muscles and this is just muscle weight gained. (Hey, a guy can hope, right?)

In any case, this morning I was at 235.5, a loss of a pound since last week, and back to my weight two weeks ago.

So there’s that, anyway.

3 thoughts on “Weight Week Eighteen: um, WTF

  1. Do you have a food diary?
    how much water are you drinking?
    check the salt in the items your eating, also how many fruits and veggies are you eating a day?

  2. Muscle weighs more than fat and it sounds like all of your activities are probably adding muscle mass, so there you go. Also, a pound or two up or down is often completely meaningless in the big picture because it could just be water retention…or dehydration. I think you’re gaining muscle which is great because having muscles raises you metabolism even when you’re just sitting there.

  3. I should have warned you: walk a few miles to Chinatown, and your body is hungry for another walk just a short while later.

    The key is to dress like a geisha. You have better form when you’re trying to impress others. Plus, the shoes alone are a huge factor.

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