… and it wasn’t even Friday the 13th yet!

A lot of homeless people come to the Bookstore. Some are just down on their luck, a special few are bat-shit insane.

One gentleman, who has been coming in since before I’ve worked here, is an African-American fellow with long black hair with streaks of gray in it. He ties it back into a bun, and so has this sort of “Bride of Frankenstein” vibe going. He’s always been very quiet: he comes in, finds a chair, and that’s it. I mean, okay, he smells. Like, awful. If you’ve been around the homeless, you know what smell I’m talking about: the smell of someone who hasn’t showered or washed his clothes in, quite possibly, years.

Anyway, so last night, he’s in the store. No big deal, right?

Right, well: right up to the point where he punches some dude browsing the bibles. I only heard this second hand (I didn’t witness it, alas!), but apparently he was sitting back in the Religion section when a customer asked him to move so he could look at the bibles, when the homeless guy took offense and swung. After this, he assaulted at least one woman (grabbed her butt), and was chasing some others around. One of the managers chased him out of the store (he was huffing and puffing and barking “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” to people who were in his way and, believe me, people got out of his way).

Crazy fucking night. Honestly, I thought the dude who scrawled long obscure notes onto the covers of books and mutters “motherfuckin’ cracker” every time I walked past would’ve been the one to snap.

4 thoughts on “… and it wasn’t even Friday the 13th yet!

  1. “…scrawled long obscure notes onto the covers of books…”
    What’s the procedure for dealing with that sort of thing?
    Does it get written off by the store, returned to the publisher, charged to the crazy person in question?

  2. so I hope he won’t be back, or that the store has some sort of policy on how long you can ” hang out”

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