Happy Blogiversary, To Me!

Wow, six years, huh?

Time doesn’t fly, though — it feels much, much longer.

I sometimes wonder, as I’m thinking on blogging, how it would be if I could read future entries. If twenty-six year old me, writing my first, horrible post way back on September 1st, 2004, would devour my posts from the last few years trying to decipher what city I was living in, where I worked, and most importantly, how much I made. I know that thirty-two year old me would happily devour blog posts leading up to my twelfth blogiversary (heaven help us all) for clues about how my life turns out.

In any case: six years! I’m not going quite as strong as I used to be, and the passion for multiple posts a day just isn’t here anymore, but I can’t say I’ll be giving up blogging any time soon.

Now, can I ask everyone to join together in a chorus of “Happy Blogiversary?” Thanks!

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