Weight Week Twenty Eight: I’m Just a Tad Late Here

This post did not get written yesterday, because yesterday I opened my eyes, turned my head to the right, saw my alarm clock, and realized that, had I woken up on time, I would have been at work for forty-one minutes already. Suffice to say, in my mad dash to shower and dress, I neglected to jump on the scale to check my weight.

I did this morning, however.


This is a pound up from last week, and very disappointing since my goal remains 229 by October 5th. Basically, I need to lose eight pounds in two weeks.

I’ve been watching what I eat. I’ve been exercising. But the fact is, I haven’t been watching what I eat as much as I should’ve been. And I’ve missed opportunities to walk or go to the gym, opportunities I should’ve taken.

In good news, I just got back from the first real physical I’ve had in probably close to – or exceeding – a decade. Got my blood pressure taken, my knees tapped, and a Tetanus shot. The Doc proclaimed me in excellent health, and encouraged me to continue losing weight. I am, sadly, retaining a bit of moisture in my ankles and need to keep an eye on my sodium content. But, live without salt? How is that even possible?

One thought on “Weight Week Twenty Eight: I’m Just a Tad Late Here

  1. Regarding salt, start with sea salt. It helps a little.

    You could go cold turkey. I did. It sucked. It takes a while, but I really don’t notice it that much on most foods anymore. But steak… Oh man. That’s tough. Sometimes you have to cheat.

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