Weight Week Twenty Nine: My Newest Lowest Weight

I didn’t do quite as much walking this weekend as I could have … which is not to say that I didn’t walk. Au contraire, I walked quite a bit! Saturday I walked to the National Mall to work the Borders’ tent at the National Book Festival: that was a three and a half to four mile walk. At the end of the day though, sunburned and tired from ten hours on my feet, I hoofed to Judiciary Square and red-lined home, and was sound asleep very, very early.

Sunday morning I was awake equally early, the sun had not yet come up. And as I usually do when I wake up bright and early on a weekend morning and my fridge is in need of loving, I decided to make a trek out to the Giant up the road. A bit over a mile up the road for that matter, and that’s what I did: walked, bought my groceries, walked home. Grocery shopping at 6am might seem kind of lame, but no other customers in the store? Freshly stocked shelves? Oh, it’s a delight.

With my fridge full, I then walked to work: that was two more miles right there. It was misting a bit, but nothing serious, although I did briefly consider taking the bus. Heading home, though, I gave into weakness (and hunger) and caught a ride with a coworker: walked out of the store at 6:15, and even stopping into the corner market for bread (which is a reminder of why I really do need to make a list of stuff I need at the grocery store so I don’t forget it), I walked in my apartment at 6:30. Amazing!

This morning I jumped on the scale before hitting my shower: 234, it read. That’s a drop of three pounds since last week (heck, since last Wednesday, since I was all late and stuff), when I was 237. I’m going to attribute this loss to the miles walked, and the absolute heat of the Festival.

234 is also, if you’re interested, the lowest I’ve been. (234.5 was the previous lowest I’d been). So I’m pretty happy with that.

So, my goal set two weeks ago was to reach 229 by October 5th, which is next Monday. Is that an attainable goal? Honestly, five pounds in a week isn’t going to be easy to hit, but this weekend is supposed to be beautiful, and I think I’m going to plan on a nice, long, twelve mile walk for Saturday morning.

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