Weight Week Twenty Seven

Last week, I had jury duty. While I thought I understood (from pop culture, if nothing else) what to expect, I never realized how absolutely stressful serving on a jury can be. As this was a criminal trial (you can read about it here), the decision we twelve made had the potential to send an innocent man to jail, or set a guilty one free.

Four days later, I’m still not sure we made the right decision.

Jury duty: very, very stressful. If I had hair, I’m sure some of it would be gray. But if there’s one way I react to stress, it’s this: I eat. Stress eating.

Don’t get me wrong — I wasn’t shoving pizzas down my throat extra-large by extra-large. But I treated myself to onion rings and beers and cheeseburgers and ice cream Friday night, and I ate vendor-stand hot dogs for lunch each day of the trial. I also wound up leaving my part time job as early as possible each night, often choosing the L2 to get home over my own two feet.

And, while things aren’t great, they’re not horrible: I weighed in this morning at 236 pounds, which is a loss of one pound since last week. I walked home Sunday night and last night. And keeping in mind the words of a commenter last week:

You can DO this. If you would commit to giving up those things that you KNOW are adding on the pounds, you would shed that weight like it was nothing. You don’t have to miss out on any of the fun of the parties and get togethers, you just have to realize that your NOT missing out on anything when you choose to not eat fatty food. What you “miss” in taste is nothing compared to the reward of being trim and fit. Eat before you go out where you know you’ll be tempted. Keep that weight goal in mind at all times. You’ll be so happy with yourself when you look in the mirror and realize that not only did you lose the weight, but you proved that you can be dedicated to your goals and it will have seemed easy after it’s over.

I can do this. I CAN. And, to give myself a short term goal:

I have been, for far too long, stuck in the 230s. May 24th was when I first broke through the 240s and hit 237.5. And since then, I’ve been able to get down to 234.5, and haven’t been able to get below that. Well, you know what? My goal is to be 229 or less by October 5th.

Wish me luck!

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