The Fighting I

The USS Intrepid (“The Fighting I”) was an Essex-Class aircraft carrier which served in the United States Navy during the Second World War. The ship was commissioned in 1943, and served in the Pacific Ocean, participating in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The ship was stuck several times by kamikaze pilots, and had to return to port several times for repairs. Decommissioned in 1948, Intrepid was modernized and recommissioned in 1954, at which point she would serve a further twenty years before becoming New York City’s Sea-Air-Space Museum in 1982.

This is not a picture of the Intrepid. This is a picture of a model of the Intrepid a guy named Ed Diement made out of Lego. To give you an idea of scale, click here. Or here: that’s his wife lying down along the frame (the other frame is his model of HMS Hood). So, yeah, that’s well over twenty feet. Among my favorite details of the ship is the working elevator, which transports aircraft from the hanger deck to the flight deck.

The Intrepid was on display at the Great Western LEGO Show in Swindon UK earlier this month with two other models of US WWII warships: USS Pampanito (submarine), and USS Haggard (destroyer).

Other awesome Navy Lego ship models include the German Bismarck, the Japanese Yamato, and USS Harry S Truman (and here, too).

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