Weight Week Thirty: My NEW Newest Lowest Weight!


So I did not achieve my goal of 229 pounds by October 5th. I didn’t even achieve my goal of posting my weight loss on Monday.

I was, however, this morning at 233.5, which is currently my lowest weight since I’ve been losing weight. I went for a six mile walk on Saturday morning. I’ve walked home from work when the weather has permitted, and I’ve spent time in the gym when able.

I still am having trouble buckling down and focusing.

5 thoughts on “Weight Week Thirty: My NEW Newest Lowest Weight!

  1. Good for you man! I’m starting to slide on my exercises, after 3 years of sticking to it. I’m not proud of it. :/

  2. Walking around DC is the best. Nice wide sidewalks and interesting people, as well as much to see and do. Have you gone to Adams Morgan yet?

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