The Fate of the Bookstore

According to this list of Borders store closures posted by The Wall Street Journal, my store is set for closing.

I had to go over to the 14th Street store to assist with their liquidation this past summer, and it wasn’t fun on the rare nights I did it. I have no intention of spending the next couple of months (because that’s how long it takes) going through that same vulture-happy nightmare. I just typed up my two weeks notice: March 3rd is my last day with the company.

I think this is a good thing.

I mean … I’ll have virtually no discretionary spending for a while. But I hope to have a new part-time gig lined up, and even if not, this is still the kick in the pants I need to get my actual job search going. And, hey, who can say no to lots of free time, right?


Hey – it’s been a great almost three years. No hate. Just love.


If you want to find out if your favorite Borders is closing, the list is organized by store number. If you’ve got a store receipt handy, look at the top of the receipt under the address and on the left hand side you should see this line: STORE: XXXX REG: XX/XX TRAN#: XXXX. The STORE: XXXX is the store number. The number is also on the yellow BINC sticker most Borders books have on the back of them: it’s on the bottom right hand side under the barcode.

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