Black Swan (2010)

I got this poster and took it into work last week. The full size double-sided 27×40 poster. I hung it up over the desk of my Office Boo, and it freaked everyone out. Like, it was kind of “NATALIE PORTMAN’S RED EYES ARE DRILLING INTO MY SKULL AHHHHHH” crazy. Anyway, now the poster hangs randomly on the cubicle walls of people who’ve been “swanned.”

Personally, I think it’s a wonderfully lovely poster and kinda want it back so I can hang it on the pillar at my cube to ward away my boss and his supervisors. Instead, I’ve got the Smurf teaser poster where they’re stuck in a train door. Basically, I’m being mooned by Smurfs all day. It’s great.

So I took the time to see Black Swan this afternoon. I spent the whole movie thinking someone really needed to punch Barbara Hershey in the face, but then it turned out her daughter really WAS bat shit insane, and I felt bad about wanting Barbara Hershey punched in the face. Also, I really liked the dragon on Mila Kunis’s back, but I kept thinking I was watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and I bet when that movie comes out people’ll say, “Hey, this Larsson asshole ripped off Kunis’ tattoo from Black Swan!”

Still, I’m pretty sure I liked The Wrestler better, although boy oh boy am I glad Mickey Rourke didn’t have a passionate sex scene with Ernest Miller. Fun fact: did you know Black Swan and The Wrestler were once upon a time going to be the SAME MOVIE?

Natalie Portman and Mickey Rourke. Admit it: your mind, it is blown.

(Yes, I do in fact realize that I’m advocating punching crazy people in the face, but I tend to think the world might be a better place if more people were willing to punch crazy people in the face, but I’m not actually advocating anyone punch anyone in the face, and I’m certainly not encouraging anyone to punch Barbara Hershey or Natalie Portman in the face, although they certainly play psychotic characters, but I do think Vincent Cassel could stand a solid knuckle sandwich, or perhaps a knee in the crotch. And speaking of crazy: Winona Ryder! Right?)

4 thoughts on “Black Swan (2010)

  1. Jim – I saw it last week and I probably would’ve liked it more if they didn’t treat the audience like dumb fucks.

  2. Jim, not at all, everybody sees different things in movies. I probably would’ve liked it better if not for the godawful narration at the end which really pissed me off.

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