Jane Eyre (2011)

If I had known Jane Eyre was about vampires, lesbians, and arson, I probably would’ve read the book.

(No, the actual Jane Eyre, not Jane Slayre*).

The first two might be a reach, but not by much, especially if your introduction to Jane Eyre is Cary Fukunaga’s new movie, which opened in DC last week. I saw it last night. I was not, in fact, dragged to it, rather I used the opportunity to catch up with a woman I used to work with and who I know is all into the Bronte/Austin stuff. Me, I kind of wanted to see it when I was watching the trailer and thought “Oh, cool, a gothic horror with the girl from Tim Burton’s Alice and Dame Judi Dench!” and then a character mentioned “Jane Eyre” and I was like “…the fuck?” And the movie was sort of like that too — like, just when I’d realized it wasn’t actually a horror film, there’s a clumping and a clamping and Jane’s running through a really dark house, and then I’m like: “The double fuck? Does that guy have puncture wounds in his neck!?”

Yes, those are neck puncture wounds.

Anywaaaaay, so I kind of want to read this book now.

Totes fun fact: you can tell who is getting dragged to see this film by their lady friends, because they tend to drift around the lobby for the whole show (yes, I have a new part-time job, yes, it’s in a theater, more details to come soon). We had one guy on Sunday who got a large soda, and came out like SIX TIMES for refills, and NOT ONCE went to the restroom. I would just like to say I admire that man’s bladder.

*Which is, in fact, an actual book! I know, I know, shock and horror.

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  1. It’s been a LONG time since I read the book, but I was left with the impression that Jane was kind of a wimp in spite of some superficial spunkiness. That’w what I thought as a nine year old anyway. The movie put those things in a whole new light. Maybe I should re-read the book now.

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