How Fucked IS Metro?

I am a very – very – amateur transit geek. That said, so fascinated by, which takes the train information from WMATA — how long the train is, where it is, where it’s going, and when it’ll be there — and displays it on a cool, easy to read map. At one glance, you can pretty much tell if things are running smoothly or not. On another note, it’s just pretty neat to see how trains are staggered (or not) throughout the system, and keeping an eye on it over the course of the day (as I have been), it’s been really cool seeing the trains in service numbers rise as we exited the afternoon into rush hour.

I think there are some problems with whatever is calculating the “fucked” level — for example, right now, on the Red Line, there are 20 trains in service in both directions, with Shady Grove traffic experiencing an average of a 4.1 minute wait for a train, and Glenmont bound passengers experiencing 3.7 — and yet, the site is describing Shady Grove as “a little fucked”, and Glenmont as “pretty fucked” … which I don’t get. Lots of trains. They’re all moving. Maybe the “fucked” level has to do with the volume of passengers?

I hope there’s an iPhone app soon!