Long Walk – April 10th, 2011

Usually I like to start my long walks early in the morning for a couple of reasons: for one, particularly later in the year, going for a long walk when the sun is up is a really bad idea. For two, a lot of people are snoozing at 6am in the mornings on the weekends. For three, there are less people, which equates to being able to maintain a faster pace. Maintaining a faster pace means a higher heart rate. A higher heart rate means I burn more calories which means, hey, goodbye tummy!

But today. Bit of a late start — by which I mean I wasn’t out the door until 1pm. WOW LATE. I finally made a stop into Idle Time Books in Adams Morgan, but wasn’t sure if they took credit cards or not and had no cash so I had to stop back on my way home several hours later to pick up what looks to be an awesome book – The Pyrates by George MacDonald Fraser.

Well, either awesome or goddamn horrible. I’ll find out whenever I actually find time to read it.

Considering I also stopped past The Bookstore to catch up with some former colleagues — and mourn the state of the shelves — and picked up some titles while I was there (hint: sales go up again tomorrow, and the store’s last day is next Sunday, not that there’s much left), it’s clear that no longer working in a bookstore isn’t exactly impacting my book purchasing by a whole heck of a lot.


Google Maps put the walk at 7.7 miles. I worked up a nice little sweat. Hopefully next Saturday I’ll be able to do at least ten.