My Longest Walk of The Spring – April 25, 2011

The Capital Crescent Trail. I picked it up in Bethesda after work, at about 3.25 miles, and walked down to the end: 7.75 miles later.

I was hot, sweaty, and my feet were blistering.

My plan was to pick up the Rock Creek Park trail to the walk home. However, although I picked up the trail fine from M Street, I somehow lost it once I hit Dupont Circle and instead of trying to pick it up again I walked up Florida to Connecticut.

At about this point, I started feeling not so hot. By which I don’t mean I felt cool, I mean something in my stomach was not at all well. I checked NextBus and saw an L4 only a few minutes away and decided to take the prudent course and jump on it for the final mile home.

And so I did.

Hey: Google Maps put the walk at 9.3 miles. And I am going to sleep VERY well tonight.