Super (2011)

This was — wow.

This was a very, very violent movie. Here’s my favorite scene: our “hero” (and I use the term loosely), Frank, is standing in line waiting for a movie. An asshole and his girlfriend cut in front of him. There is an argument. Frank walks to his car, dresses in his Crimson Bolt costume, then clubs the guy’s face open with a wrench. When the guy’s girlfriend objects, Frank smacks her with the same wrench. Y’know, just watch it. It’s pretty awesome.

I mean … like, not “awesome” in the sense that “you should do this when people are mean to you” but, hey, we can dream, right?

This is not only a brutally violent movie, there’s also a lot of raping going on in this film: guy on guy, guy on lady, and even lady on guy. One’s a nightmare, the other isn’t successful, and one is. The one that is successful has pretty brutal consequences on the aggressor, too, but I don’t want to give it away, but …

… wait, I don’t?

So basically Rainn Wilson is raped by his “kid sidekick” Ellen Page, and is so disgusted with himself he insists on launching a rescue attempt for his lost wife immediately (she left him for her drug dealer Kevin Bacon, who winds up with a flying knife scissoring up his nuts) instead of, I don’t know, planning things through more thoroughly. The end result is that Ellen Page’s right side of her head get blown off.


And I mean, like – wow, it’s nice to see good old fashioned splatter effects again, y’know? I’m pretty sure you could see that what was left of her skull was pretty much fucking empty.

Despite the violence, the film was kind of pretty. That might sound strange: let me ‘splain. Frank is successful in rescuing his wife. She cleans up, and leaves him. She marries another guy, and they have four children. They call Frank “uncle” and send him postcards which he puts up on the wall. He thinks of the things he did and realizes that if God had a plan, it wasn’t for him: he was simply the instrument of God’s wrath.

I think.

On the other hand, this is a film that could survive less thought and more enjoyment of violence.

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  1. An argument could be made that Ellen Page’s head was empty before half of it got blown off.

  2. Hey.. Joe Billy Bobco, wanna see a troll? Hold on… I’ll be right back with my wrench.

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