Draft & Model: Hotspur

When I was a kid, me and my friend Miguel, and later my friend Russell, would build imaginary starships out of Lego. We were all fans of Star Trek The Next Generation so our ships followed the Star Trek model: they had bridges, and transporter rooms, and a sickbay, and engineering. If one episode featured a cool new feature of the ship, it would find itself incorporated into our designs before too long. They were populated by minifigures dressed in castle, town, and random space decals.

I say “starship” but these would barely be recognized as such outside of a child’s imagination: there were no roofs, the engines themselves existed only in our imagination.

As the internet developed and as I got older and found A.F.O.L. (Adult Fan of Lego) sites, I found people who built large, enclosed Lego starships. I admired their work, but I also found them lacking. Wouldn’t a space bound crew need water? What about waste reclamation? Would one engine be enough, or would a second be required? How is the engine powered – a liquid fuel of some sort? A nuclear reactor? What facilities would the crew need: barracks, yes, but also a mess, a galley, short and long term storage, an infirmary with a surgical suite and morgue.

Years passed and I never actually built it. I did build a gigantic model of Hogwarts a few years back. It no longer exists – I had to demolish it when I moved. And then a thought occurred to me: why not model this starship in my mind out of the tan bricks I used for the castle?

Pencil to paper, I sketched the designs that began solidifying in my mind. As I did, I continued to develop the ship in my head, a space bound translation of a British Man-of-War from the 18th and 19th centuries. A top mounted EMP cannon, forward torpedoes, and projectile cannons along the port and starboard side. Weapons mean ammunition, ammunition means a magazine. A magazine means a way for the ammo to be loaded into that magazine and then distributed through the ship. So on and so forth. But as I still work out the deck plans, I put together this little model.

Proof of concept, I guess you guess you could call it. The next one will be a bit larger. (Assuming I build it).