From The Bookstore to The Cinema

It’s not every day your first day at your new job earns you a mention in The Washington Post, and yet, that’s exactly what my first time at my new part-time job following my departure from Borders got me.

That’s, okay, not entirely true. I got my new part-time job and started it while I was still working my final week at Borders, and I worked both of them — plus my full time job — for a week. That was an exhausting week. And it wasn’t my first day that got me a mention in The Post, it was my first full day working one particular aspect of the new job. Anyway, here’s the article:

(Famous but not above the law: The theater lobby bar denied Hart a glass of chardonnay because the 67-year-old couldn’t produce an ID. Yes, really.)

There’s a 100% ID policy, and he didn’t have an ID. He was totally cool with it, but he did clasp my hand and implore that I see his true age in his eyes, and, yes, I realized that he was way over the legal drinking age, but the simple fact is, if I served him alcohol without seeing an ID, I would have been fired. He was totally gracious when I explained this to him, but his handler/wife/whoever clearly didn’t give a hoot if I got fired or not — she also did not have an ID and apparently could not for the life of her understand why I wouldn’t pour her a wine.

There’s a lesson here, but I don’t think it’s about the arrogance of celebrities. I think it’s about the arrogance of celebrities’ wives. In any case, the managers comped him some drinks, I kept my job, and all was well.

Plus, now I have a really cool story to tell whenever anyone starts giving me shit for not selling a drink to ’em without seeing their ID.

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