The Long Walk – Saturday, June 11th

Yesterday I resumed my Long Walks. The weather’s been a killer, and for the last couple of weeks I’ve had a car, so I’ve been more interested in going for Saturday morning drives as opposed to Saturday morning walks. Hey, y’know, when you don’t usually get to see the city by car, it’s a fun change of pace.

Anyway, my plan was to start very early — like 6am — and go for a 13 mile walk. That didn’t actually happen. I didn’t wind up getting out of bed until 7:30, thanks to the not-so-new-anymore part-time job where I was until past one in the morning (despite a promise to be released at 12:15. Ah well. Stuff happens. It’d be more palatable if I could listen to my iPod while doing the closing dishes).

Let me just add here, that during my walk, where I sort of try to zone out to music, the sounds of the city, and the deep morose pits of my thoughts, I found myself coming back to a recurring theme: fuck Borders. Yeah, fuck you non-book loving assholes who fucked the company up the ass, closed a store I enjoyed working at, and cost me a lovely two-mile forty-minute walk home on working weeknights.

Then again, they never gave me a raise, and the new job did. Huzzah? Yes, I believe so: HUZZAH!

I got out the door a little after 8am. I made my way west to Wisconsin Avenue, then continued straight across for 37th Street. My plan was to walk directly south to Georgetown University. Sadly, I failed to account for the Russian Embassy that blocks off southbound streets west of Wisconsin, so I had to loop back on my trail, and walk down to Glover Park before picking up 37th.

Once I hit Georgetown, I went east. The sky started looking ominous, and I considered aborting my walk and catching the bus home. But the sun poked back out, and I kept walking.

I went southeast, intending to get up to Capital Hill. I didn’t quite make it. By the time I got to Penn Quarter, I was starting to think about catching the 96 bus home from the Hill. So I decided I wanted to make sure I’d be able to finish my walk on my, y’know, feet, so I turned north and headed for home. I stopped at the U Street Farmer’s Market and bought a turtle bar from WhiskedDC. It melted a bit in my bag on the way home, but I put it in the fridge and had it later and it was mmm-mmm-good.

Leaving U Street, I stumbled into Meridian Hill Park. I’ve heard of it, and seen pictures, but I’d never been there before. It was a pretty incredible park, and all of those stairs! Holy crap my aching legs. There’s a statue of Joan of Arc mid-charge — except she’s, uh, missing her sword (it was apparently stolen in 1978).

Google Maps put my walk at 9.8 miles. Given some of the detours I took to get around the Russian Embassy, and because Maps picks the direct route from place to place while I enjoy zig-zagging a bit, I myself think it was a tad closer to 10 miles on the dot. I was three miles short from my goal, but that’s okay. I got home, my feet hurt, my legs ached, and I took a well deserved four hour nap.

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  1. I’m actually kind of jealous of your long walks. I’d love to have somewhere like D.C. where there’s scenery and a REASON to want to walk.

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