On the train headed home from New England, my phone chirped: new mail. It was an announcement from Netflix about their new pricing structure: no longer can you have both a physical DVD and streaming on one plan, you need two plans. And both plans are going up in price to a minimum of $7.99 – basically, if you want one disc a month unlimited, and unlimited streaming, you’re looking to pay $15.98 a month.

I got rid of my cable TV about a year and a half ago. It was costing me $70 a month for a service that I rarely utilized. Do I miss it? Well, no. That’s because I’ve got lots of DVDs, Netflix, and an HD antenna to pick up the broadcast stuff. In addition to that, they, lots to read.

In any case, when the new pricing plan takes effect in September, I’ll be ditching the physical DVD part of Netflix. I don’t begrudge Netflix upping their prices – it is a great service. But in terms of my actual use, I only watch one or two actual discs from Netflix a month. At $7.99, that’s a price ratio that makes Blockbuster look damn well cheap.

But for me – it’s just a waste of money. Yeah, there’ll be movies I want to see that aren’t available on streaming. You know what? I’ll live.

2 thoughts on “Netflix

  1. i really don’t get why people are so pissed off. when netflix added streaming, that was an INSANE bonus FOR FREE. i can’t believe they didn’t start charging more for it sooner, honestly.

    although with blockbuster charging $5+ for one movie, you may still be better off paying netflix that money ;-)

  2. iiiiiiin case you were wondering, i was annoyed. but then i realized i was complaining about $8 a month. and got over myself.

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