“Of all the guys who I thought were gonna make it, Hightower was the one. I mean, if all the cops looked like him there’d be no crime at all.”

-You didn’t hit the brakes.
-You didn’t tell me to.

The best thing about the Police Academy movies was the March. I can whistle it. Pretty catchy, although not, as a coworker guessed, composed by John Williams. (Mr. Williams also did not compose Back to the Future, and now you know).

The second best thing about the Police Academy movies was Bubba Smith, as Sgt. Hightower.

(The third best thing about the Police Academy movies is that, mercifully, someone decided to finally stop making them. Actually this might be the very absolute best thing about Police Academy.)

Anyway, the second best part of the Police Academy films, and a guy who was always on the commercials in the DC/Baltimore area pitching some law firm here or there, Bubba Smith, has passed away.

Former college and pro football star Charles Aaron “Bubba” Smith, who went on to an acting career after his retirement from sports, was found dead at his home, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office said Wednesday. He was 66.

Police and fire officials were called to Smith’s home after “he was found unresponsive” and pronounced him dead, said Ed Winter, assistant chief of operations and investigation for the coroner.

Rest in peace, big guy.