Rhymes with “Flip Over”

I was on the 96 RideOn heading back into DC one afternoon last week. The bus was unusually crowded. Like, standing room only, which is quite odd for 3pm.

I was sitting next to a woman. She told me it was her first time riding the 96.

“Are we going to flip over?”

“We’re not going to flip over.” I told her, my attention divided between her and playing Plants v Zombies on my iPhone.

I became aware her brows were furrowed. I turned my head. “Are. We. Going. To. Grosvenor.” She repeated, much slower this time, as if I were an idiot child.

I told her what I thought she’d said and we both laughed about it.

We did not flip over.

(This makes more sense if you don’t pronounce the “s” is Grosvenor, and rhyme it with ‘over’, which is how you should be saying it).

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