That time I accidently unplugged the internet

So I went into the Cinecave on time for what was supposed to be six hours at one of my favorite positions. Thanks to a last minute switch, I wound up working at my least favorite. Bah.

Sort of related: this week (Thursday to Thursday), we’re playing host to the DC Short Film Festival. This is kind of cool because all we provide is the auditorium and the projector, and the festival provides a lot of staff and when people complain about something related to the festival we get to point at someone in a festival t-shirt and say, “Hey, go talk to him/her.”

Anyway, before punching in, I changed and went to the restroom to freshen up. Emerging, I noticed a little white device plugged into one of the electrical outlets along the poster hall (so called because it’s a long hall with posters from upcoming films on either side). It looked like a charger for an Apple computer, so I assumed someone had been sitting against the wall and had abandoned it.

I unplugged it with the intent of taking it to the office and turning it over to one of the managers to hold until someone, in a blind panic, grabbed a staff member and yelled, “I lost my charger! I lost my charger!”

I was walking past the ticket stand when my coworker standing there frowned at me and said, “Dude, that’s their internet! You unplugged the internet!”

(The Cinecave gets practically zero signal of any sort from the main floor. The festival staff had a box office table set up at the foot of the stairs and needed a wi-fi connection to stay connected to their database).

Turns out, the device I unplugged? NOT A CHARGER! And I’d just unplugged the short film festival from the internet.


(Needless to say, I raced back and plugged it back in and no one was the wiser, although one of the managers did sort of hide it with a wet-floor sign so that no other well-intentioned staffer or guest would also think they were doing well by unplugging the internet).

4 thoughts on “That time I accidently unplugged the internet

  1. As soon as you said it looked like a MacBook charger, I saw where this was going. You didn’t notice there was no charging cable coming out of it? ;-)

  2. I mean, I have a portable HD with a retractable cable so maybe the person unplugged their macbook and it retracted into the device?

  3. Haha, you would have thought that they would have been smarter to plug that in somewhere where were it wouldn’t be out in the open…or at least put some kind of sign indicated not to touch. Kind of idiotic on their part.

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